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Enforcing policies is the least glamorous part of being a service provider, but they are essential to maintaining a respectful and transparent relationship. These policies are designed to outline our expectations from each other and help you get the most out of your service! 

No Show policy: I have an absolutely zero tolerance no show policy. In this day and age of modern technology, there are very few reasons why you would not be able to send a text indicating that you are not able to make your appointment. A no show will result in a 100% charge of the service fee. Upon your second no show, you will be terminated as a client. 


Late policy: If you are running late, I am still happy to accommodate your appointment up to 10 minutes late for a haircut service, and 20 minutes late for a color service. If you are not sitting in the chair at those respective cut off times, I have the right to reschedule your service and collect a 50% service fee for the missed appointment. I want to reiterate that I will always make it work for you if I am physically able to. However, I take pride in not only the quality of my service, but also being a very punctual provider. If our time is cut short and I am not able to give you a complete and detailed service, it is not fair to disrespect the rest of my guests for the day by running late. 


cancellation policy: You must cancel your appointment prior to 24 hours. I have auto texts that go out 48 hours before each appointment, giving you plenty of time to reschedule if necessary. If you cancel your appointment after the 24 hour mark, I will collect 50% of the minimum service total. I understand that life happens, and these fees are never personal or held against you. When you reserve time with a professional, you are agreeing to pay them for that time, and it is your obligation as a consumer to only reserve time you intend on paying for, or give proper notice so the time isn't lost. 


disclosure policy: When performing any type of lightening service, it is imperative that you honestly disclose what's been done previously to your hair. I am not here to judge you! I don't care if you've done box color, henna, or your cousin who went to beauty school tried to dye it 3 years ago. I just need to know so I can safely process your hair. If you are dishonest about your hair history, I cannot be held liable for your results, and you may require extra time and several sessions. 


result policy: Hair is an art and a science, not a factory production. When you show me your hair goals, I will get you as close as I possibly can, but I am not in the business of duplicating art. It is extremely rare that someone leaves unhappy with their results, but in such case I will work with you to provide the best solution moving forward. I do not give refunds. Oftentimes, if there is a problem, it's a minor adjustment in tone or highlight placement, and I will work with you and be fair about how to price the adjustment. 


my promise to you: It takes a lot of trust to sit in someone's chair, especially for the first time, and give them the power to affect how you look and feel. My promise to you is that I will always be honest, diligent, and fully present. I will do my best to effectively communicate all you need to know about achieving and maintaining your dream hair. I will hold myself to a high standard of professionalism that includes being punctual, maintaining a clean space, being friendly and approachable, listening to your needs, providing solutions, continuing my education, and giving you my full attention. I will respect your time and your energy. I will be open and transparent. I will come to work everyday, ready and happy to give you the best of me. 





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